Tongkat ali extract cheaters

Nowadays, about every Internet scammer sells what he claims is 1:200 tongkat ali extract. Bullshit he talks, and shit he sells. Fake 1:200 is a cash cow because the world is populated by humans with the brains of ruminants.

If you are considering 1:200 tongkat ali extract, or any tongkat ali at all, ask them where it comes from. Don’t take “collected in Indonesian jungles” for an answer. They are not going to Indonesia themselves. Ask them what company is their supplier.


I have now deviced an easy method on how to unmask the numerous tongkat ali scammers who sell root powder with a claim that it is extract of 1:50, 1:100, and 1:200 strength.

This does not require esoteric tests that measure active ingredients and run into thousands of US dollars at commercial labs.

We are now in the process of just testing the products of suspicious suppliers for cellulose content.

Obviously, root powder has a high content of cellulose, and extract of any strength does not.

Furthermore, in the case of white powders, we test for stearic acid [1] content.

Stearic acid is a fat that is not present at all in tongkat ali root.

Stay tuned for some revealing results. And possibly the involvement of some domestic trade government departments.


1 Stearic Acid, PubChem, Open Chemistry Database