Escape civilization

Let's say you are a man. Actually, the older I get, the more I realize that I can honestly write for men only. If you are a woman, disregard my work, especially the late. You will think it is crap. So, don't read. You have your feminist authors, and I write for men. Men and women are totally different. That is biology.

So, let's say you are a man. Let's say you made a million dollars or a few in the Western world.

Now stop making money. Or put that endeavor on a low burner. You do not want to be as rich as Bill Gates. It would be foolish.

Instead, escape civilization. And build your own sexual kingdom. You are a man. Polygamy is your natural inclination. You have male genes, and they define your mind. And your male mind dreams of a multitude of usually female sexual partners.

So, dump your wife of a Western civilization. And yes, you can do this in a civilized manner.

Nevertheless, she is in the way. You will not be able to live your sexual dreams staying with her. Yes, she may be an understanding companion. But on one issue she will not compromise. She wants you all for herself. That are her genes.

Don't worry. In other parts of the world, and in other cultures, women are accepting of being one among several wives, as long as you provide for them economically on a sufficient level. And apart of that, you can design your life in a manner that avoids conflict among the members of your harem.

Escape Western civilization that enslaves you with outdated moral concepts. Start building your own sexual kingdom. Do not just dream of it.

I am available if you need a little help.

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