Tongkat ali reduces estrogen, but when off tongkat ali, there may be no sex drive

This may be a disadvantage of a tongkat ali mono-therapy. If tongkat ali is used as sole testosterone booster, it should be cycled. Cycling means: take for some time, then don't take for some time.

And during off-cycles, estrogen will make an unwanted come-back.

However, this can largely be avoided by stacking sexual enhancement and testosterone-boosting herbals.

The stacking herbals of choice would be tongkat ali, butea superba, krachai dam, fingerroot, and velvet beans (mucuna pruriens).

In a stacking regimen, whenever one herbal goes on pause, other herbals take over estrogen control. p>

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Tongkat ali reduces estrogen, but when off tongkat ali, there may be no sex drive

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